Short Term Disability

Short Term Disability  


You work hard to earn your income. But what would happen if an injury or illness kept you from working? Statistics show that a serious chronic illness or disease will disable at least 1 out of every 4 hard-working Americans during their career.1

If it happens to you, you’ll probably get better and return to work after a recovery period, but how would you pay your bills in the meantime? Would you want to borrow money from family or friends while you’re getting well?

CommonSpirit doesn’t want you to suffer financially if a short term disability happens to you. That’s why you now have access to voluntary short-term disability income insurance featuring:

  • Minimum benefits of $300 and a maximum benefit of $5,000 per month with the option to buy up to $6,000, not to exceed a 67% of base monthly income.
  • Coverage from leading disability provider: Manhattan Life
  • Premiums are waived while you receive disability benefits.
  • Portability - you can take your coverage if you leave CommonSpirit.
  • Pays benefit for up to 6 months.
  • Provides non-occupational benefits for injuries after 14 days and off-the job sickness after 14 days of total disability.

Enrollment is available only to benefit-eligible employees during CommonSpirit's Special Enrollment period and to new hires.

New hires may apply on or after the day their CommonSpirit benefits become effective. Special underwriting guidelines are available for new hires during the Special Enrollment period.

If you are currently enrolled in coverage or are eligible to enroll as a new hire, call the number below for more information

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  • Who is the provider of this insurance and what benefits does it offer me?

    Manhattan Life is a leading provider of insurance products to individuals, families and employers. Through Dignity Health, Manhattan Life offers you a short term disability program that can be tailored to meet your individual needs if you ever find that you can't work and bring home a paycheck.

    The Short Term Disability program from Manhattan Life has a minimum benefit of $300 and a maximum of $5,000 per month (not to exceed 60% of base monthly income) with the option to buy up to $6,000, not to exceed 67% of base monthly income. Manhattan Life Short Term Liability will pay benefits for up to six months. You choose the premium you wish to pay and this determines your monthly benefit. 
  • What is the definition of Disability Coverage?

    You are unable to perform the substantial and material duties of your regular occupation. You are not working at any other occupation. You are under the medical care of a physician for your disability.
  • Why do I need Disability Coverage?

    Most people can't afford to be disabled, even for a short time. Most disabling accidents and illnesses are not work related, so you can't count on Workers Compensation to be there for you and your loved ones.
  • What is the definition of Total Disability?

    As a result of sickness or injury, the complete inability to perform with reasonable continuity the substantial and material acts necessary to pursue the employee's usual occupation in the usual or customary way. Usual occupation is any employment, business, trade or profession and the substantial and material acts of the occupation the employee was regularly performing for the employer when the disability began. Usual occupation is not necessarily limited to the specific job the employee performed for the employer. The total disability must be the result of injury or sickness.
  • What is a definition of Recurrent Disability?

    Total disability that is due to the same or related causes as a prior period of disability follows a prior period for which a monthly benefit was paid, and occurs within 180 days after the end of a prior period for which a monthly benefit was paid.
  • When can I enroll?

    New hires can enroll on or after the day their Dignity Health benefits become effective. Employees will need to meet underwriting guidelines. Special underwriting guidelines are available for new hires during the Special Enrollment Period.
  • What is a Waiver of Premium?

    Premium is waived if the employee is totally disabled for more than 90 days or the elimination period, whichever is longer.
  • Is Pregnancy a Covered Benefit?

    Yes, it is treated as any other illness, subject to pre-existing conditions.


    Pregnancy that began before coverage started would be considered a pre-existing condition.

  • Does it cover pre-existing conditions?

    Benefits for pre-existing conditions will not be payable until after the insured has been insured continuously for 12 months.

    Pre-existing condition means a sickness or physical condition for which the insured had treatment, incurred expenses, took medication, or received a diagnosis or advice from a physician during the 12-month period prior to the effective date. It also includes a condition that manifests itself in a way that would cause an ordinarily prudent person to seek medical advice, diagnosis, care, or treatment.
  • How does it work with other insurance?

    As you make your decision about this valuable insurance for your family, be aware that this insurance is intended to supplement other forms of public or private disability income insurance you may have. The sum of benefits you receive from this insurance and other sources may not exceed the percentage of your salary indicated in your policy. These other sources of income include Social Security, insurance benefits, other group or individual insurance, state benefits, sick leave plans, Worker’s Compensation, or other similar programs.
  • Can I enroll for this insurance without having to take a medical exam?

    Yes, there is no medical exam required to enroll.

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